Moms…Take A Staycation… In Your Bathroom

Moms, let’s face it, this is the busiest, most exhaustingly rewarding job ever. We are master logisticians, chefs, chauffeurs, milk makers, house keepers, psychologists, pseudo physicians, and entertainers. Embodied in those characteristics are even more roles. We do a lot. If you are like me, even when you’re not physically moving, your mind is going 90 miles an hour contemplating ‘mommy stuff’. Whether you work in the home or away from home, mom’s importance to the household cannot be ignored, but we need breaks. We need a lot of breaks. I think parental calibration is important to remaining sane, but what happens when you can’t always get away?

I secretly envy moms that send their children off for the summer. I can only imagine all the things I would do with free unadulterated me time. Mostly it would be a combination of sleeping, NOT cleaning the house incessantly, not cooking every day, not redirecting little people, watching tons of TV with my favorite candy in one hand and my other hand in my pants like a dude. Well, that’s just not my reality and I suspect there are a lot of moms like me. Your kids are with you all the time. Every. Single. Day. We’ve established we are in this boat together so let’s make the best of it. Here are a few of my recommendations.

  1. Take your precious time. If you work away from the home, when your work day concludes, check your traffic apps to make sure the coast is clear. Barring no traffic incidences, turn on your favorite jam, let the windows down, and drive the speed limit. Stop rushing and breath. Truth is, you’ll probably get to your kiddies in the same time frame, but with much less stress. Allow yourself to decompress from your work day before you go into full on mommy mode.
  2. Go shopping alone. Put your earbuds in and peruse every single aisle of the store. Take your time and look at things you just don’t have the time to appreciate when your kids accompany you. Never noticed those cute towels on aisle 5, huh? See, told ya!
  3. When you take your kids to the park, swing! Ensure there is alternate adult supervisor, find your swing of choice, dust it off, have a seat, and swing as high as you can. There is something stress-relieving and invigorating about the wind whistling by your ears. Kick those legs high!
  4. Lastly and perhaps my fav, take a mom staycation in the bathroom. Yep, I said the bathroom. I typically like to take advantage of these getaways when everyone is settled or sleeping and the need for me is relative low. Escape to the place where the porcelain god resides. There is peace there. You’ll need your favorite scented candle and a relaxing nature or spa sound track. Dim or turn the lights off. You’ll have the candle(s) for visibility. The atmosphere is set. Now, prepare to escape. During this staycation, give yourself the best spa treatment ever. Shampoo your hair, do a body scrub, clip your nails, and moisturize your skin. Whatever makes YOU feel peace, do it. I typically run a warm shower, sit on the floor and let the water run over my face and hit my back. So soothing. It’s also a great time to meditate and center yourself. Did I mention to lock the bathroom door? Yeah, lock it! DO NOT DISTURB.

Moms, admit it, you need to take time for yourself. If you are not okay, the universe isn’t. Happy bathroom staycation to you.


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