To play is to engage in activity for pleasure and enjoyment rather than a serious or practical purpose. But so often we are so busy checkin off the to-do list that we forget to do things just for the pure fun of it. Whether it’s taking time out to play with your kids or doing your own thing… we have to find more time to play. Every once in a while you need to press pause on every day grind that and make fun the priority. Playing is a very important part of selfcare and moms need to do more of it… so here a six ways moms can play.

  1. Girls’ Night Out. Let’s just start with the obvious and go with a Girls’ Night Out. Whether it’s dinner, drinks, a little clubbing or just wine and cheese at somebody’s house, there is nothing like a fun night with girlfriends. There is something soul healing about spending the evening having good conversation and deep belly laughs with ladies that just get you. So get your girlfriends together and plan a girls’ night out. It ain’t always easy to coordinate a bunch of moms’ schedules for a few hours  but it is always worth the trouble.
  2. Play With Your Kids. Let’s be honest… playing with your kids is not the most fun thing in the world. Playing make-believe with barbie dolls or dinosaurs can be tedious and monotonous. But this is more about helping you channel your inner child and feeling carefree even if just for a moment. Try playing tag or Hide-n-Seek and run around with your kids. Go to the park and swing right along with your kids. Show them your skills on an old school video game. Or buy a Slip-n-Slide and sprinklers for your yard and be bold enough to fling yourself down and get soaking wet sliding across the Slip-n-Slide. Does it take a little extra energy? Yes! But there will be guaranteed smiles, giggles and good memories made.
  3. Join A Sports Team. Did you use to love playing soccer, basketball, softball or any sport before you had kids? Well guess what… you can still play on a sports team. Yes, there are adult sport teams in almost every city or at least regular pickup games. What a perfect way to do something you love and that is fun on a regular basis. And you get the bonus of regular exercise and you might even make a new friend or two or more.
  4. Make A Bucket List. What could be more fun than challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone? Is it scary? Yes! But it is also thrilling to go after things you only dreamed of doing. Try creating a bucket list of at least 10 things that you would probably never make a priority for yourself. Dye your hair pink for once, drive a race car, compete in a ballroom dancing competition, jump to of an airplane, take boudoir pictures. Whatever you pick for your bucket list should make you a little excited and a little scared and make it happen. Don’t just leave it as a list of fantasies you never get to.
  5. Plan A “Play Date” With You Significant Other. For most couples, date night usually consist of dinner and a movie or a kid-free trip to Target. And that’s fine because it  a relief just to have a conversation with your partner without getting interrupted by your kiddos. But try mixing it up sometimes with out-of-the-box, fun dates. Go to an amusement park together, play laser tag or paintball, take surfing lessons, go roller skating. You could even take it the next level and challenge each other to see who can plan the most fun “play date.”
  6. Create A Play Drawer…In The Bedroom. Insert “eye-wink” here. But yes, please! Create a stow away place of toys for the bedroom. Whether you are single, mingling or coupled up, you can have some more fun in the bedroom. You probably already have toy or two that you enjoy but that shouldn’t stop you from spicing thing sup a little with some new additions. Massaging devices, vibrators, plugs, lotions and potions… There is so much to choose from. So broaden your horizon a bit with a little experimentation.

There are so many different ways to incorporate more play into your life and selfcare routines. The key is to let go of some of your inhibitions and allow yourself the space to make play a priority.

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