Moving your body is a very important part of selfcare. Whether you work out in a gym, do a little stretching, or take an afternoon walk, it is important to move your body throughout the day. Its good for not only your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well. I get not wanting to do it because you are too tired, too stressed or just can’t seem to find the time. But think of it as an investment in yourself that pays dividends like better sleep, more energy and healthy muscles and bones. Start small or go big but just give something a try. Here are 8 ways you can move your body for selfcare.

  1. Take a walk. Whether it’s a simple 10 minute walk around your neighborhood or a 5 mile hike in nature, a walk is a great way to not only get in some movement but also some fresh air and a little vitamin D. And there are tons of ways to sneak in walks throughout your day. Park in the spot furthest away when you are out and about, make your calls while out walking or ask for a walking meeting. Use a walk for one-on-one time with your spouse or partner, take family walks after dinner or meet up with a girlfriend for a walk instead of cocktails (or just walk to a local spot for cocktails…lol).
  2. Dance. Dancing is such a joyful way of getting some movement into your day. You can blast some music in your kitchen and get your groove on in the privacy of your home. Find the perfect playlist that will get you moving and grooving and let the stress melt away from your shoulders. Or go learn some moves in a group a class setting and have some judgement free fun with it.  And it’s never a bad thing to have a few new moves in your repertoire. Dancing gets your heart rate going and puts a smile on your face…. it’s a win/win.
  3. Yoga. A lot of people see Yoga as somewhat elitist. And honestly, that’s a totally understandable perception considering how it is often portrayed on social media. But the truth is Yoga is about the union between the body, mind, and spirit and it is for everybody and every body. And depending on what you are looking for there is probably a Yoga practice for you. If you are looking for a more meditative practice, try Kundalini Yoga. If you want something more vigorous, try Vinyasa Yoga. Looking to destress at the end of the day, Restorative Yoga is amazing. Want to sweat it out, Bikram Yoga is for you. And for the more adventurous, there is Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga and Yoga with baby goats.
  4. Stretching. The importance of stretching is very underrated. It’s probably the thing that most of us barely even think about when to comes to moving our body. A good stretch can refresh you at any time of the day. And if you tend to spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk or driving kids around from place more stretching is very much so needed.
  5. Take the stairs. This is a simple way to add extra movement to your day. Instead of hoping on the escalator or an elevator just take the stairs. You can take them one at a time or two by two because either way that adds up to a lot of extra steps. If you have stairs in your house, you can just do a couple of laps up and down your stairs a few tines a day. Or if there are stairs at work, use part of your lunch hour to climb the stairs. Your thighs will thank you.
  6. Get in a workout. There is a workout for every person. There is HIIT, group exercise classes, Pilates, Barre classes, Step classes, Plyometrics, Interval training, Cross Fit… You can join Peloton, Daily Burn, Nike Training Club or just search any workout of your choice on Youtube. Find something you enjoy a stick with it or keep it fresh by mixing it up. Does it take commitment? Yes! Is it hard work? Yes! But it is worth because feeling strong can make you feel like you can conquer the world or at least the pile of laundry that you need to fold.
  7. Play outside with your kids. Playing with kids is not always on the top of every parents to-do list. Acting out dramatic scenes with Barbie dolls or play fighting with dinosaurs isn’t really a grown up’s idea of fun. But joining your kids for a game of basketball or some good ‘ole kickball can actually be really fun. Or even try a game of Hiding-n-Seek or Tag. You will burn a ton of calories, connect with your kiddos on their level and make some great memories.
  8. Take a bike ride. Bike riding made a huge comeback after the initial lockdown of the pandemic. For months, it was near impossible to find a bike anywhere. And if you didn’t pick up the hobby with the pandemic, your bike is probably buried in the garage somewhere with a flat tire and spider webs. But do you remember what it felt like to cruise your childhood neighborhood on your bike with your arms out to the side and the wind blowing in your face. It was pure heaven. So here is your encouragement to pull that bicycle out, clean it up and pump some air in the tire.

The point is to find more ways to move your body and make it a regular part of your selfcare routine. Not only will you benefit physically from the extra movement but you will also see improvement in your mental and emotional well being.

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