This year, and particularly the last month, the news cycle has been quite a trigger for a lot of women. A lot of us are angry and want to find ways to “stick it the man” and “smash the patriarchy.” So…can we start with throwing out all the “sexy” Halloween costumes and dress up as our favorite badass women! It’s definitely not the answer to this very serious problem but Halloween is the perfect time to make a statement with your costume. So here is a list of our favorite feminist Halloween costumes that are quick and simple and any badass mom can put together.

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  1. Rosie the Riveter. It’s the obvious go-to but it’s a good one. Rosie has long been a symbol of the strength of women and she never gets old. So grab a jean shirt, a pair of jeans and comfy boots…then add this head scarf and name tag and flex those muscles of yours.
  2. Beyonce. All hail the Queen Bee. Mom of 3, wife, feminist, mega superstar and so much more…You just can’t get more badass than that. And her Lemonade album is about smashing the patriarchy both literally and figuratively.
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Notorious RBG…Considering current events, I don’t think this one needs much explanation. And it doesn’t  necessarily have to be Justice Ginsburg. You can also dress up as Sonia Sotomayer or Elena Kagan. Just be sure to wield that gavel for women everywhere.
  4. Princess Leia. An oldie but a goodie, Princess Leia wasn’t just a princess but a fearless warrior and leader of the Rebel Alliance. She could handle a weapon while stopping “Mansplaining” with one quip of a line. 
  5. Frida Khalo. Frida defied societal norms, had strong political convictions and her art depicted real and taboo experiences of women such as miscarriage, infertility and menstruation. And she was unapologetically a selfie queen before it was even a thing. So braid your hair and place your crown of flowers on your head to channel this feminist queen.
  6. Serena Williams. I think we can all agree that Serena Williams is a modern day super hero for women, moms and girls everywhere. She is having babies, winning championships and smashing all the stereotypes society places on her.

Easy and simple Halloween costume ideas for women that want to dress up as feminist like Rosie the Riveter, Frida Khalo, Beyonce, Serena Williams, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Princess Leia. These can be put together last minute. Whether you are in to celebrities, cosplay, starwars, or pop culture there is a costume for you. All are appropriate for work, school or trick or treating and can be done for any female…toddlers, girls, teenagers, plus size. Halloween | Costumes | Feminist Costumes


Elisha Beach is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and four step-kids…Yes, you read that right—eight kids. She is a wife, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and founder of The Mom Forum. 

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