Can Peace Exist Where Chaos Lives?

You may ask where is the chaos? It is everywhere. Chaos to Calm with the Stress Less Mom is not just a tagline it is my belief system. The confusion of how to ‘fit’ into the status quo.  I see the turmoil in the eyes of mothers, women, men, children. I see the uneasiness when I run, jump and roll down hills with my kids. I see them survey each other for status symbols. I see them absorbed in their devices and disengaged with each other. The self isolation is deafening. It riles up the hearts, causing confusion, distrust and a chaotic heart.

It manifests into negative self-talk. Loud drumming inner chatter that calls into question, why am I fatter than her? Why is she happier than me? Why is he smiling? What are they so happy about? Why can’t I get it together? Why do they hate me? It is our own personal war zone. In fact, there are actual wars, actual people truly suffering in the world while we are trapped in our minds over nonsense. As if that is not enough, we have social media, news media, screaming at us about all of our inadequacies and “their” (the enemies on the other side of the world who hate us)  trepasses. Wondering am I really enough? Then comforting ourselves with another brandy, or glass of wine with a piece of cake promising to join the gym again. Then projecting that you would not have to self-medicate if “they” wouldn’t look at me that way.

Throughout human history there has not been a time untouched by tragedy. In today’s world however, we ignore the true issue which is that humans are now disconnected from their spiritual source and nature. These two separately are a tragedy for an individual; but multiplied on a global scale with millions and billions of souls and it is becomes a recipe for disaster! The inner turmoil creates the need to lash out. Sometimes it is self-sabotage sometimes it is daggers shot their your eyes judging another woman. When you hear the latest new report of “their” atrocities it gives you ammunition to project your self-hate even more. “They” are doing it to themselves. Not allowing yourself to connect with the Rohingya mother who was raped after having her children slaughtered in front of her. As if the individual catastrophe of each human is not a shared pained. A mother can not see and feel the pain of another mother. Desensitizing from your own pain, no longer desiring time and space to meditate on one’s purpose, we stray from the real issue and place blame in categories. We blanket label and ostracize whole cultures and religions. The fact is sadly humanity has come to only one religion which is the called “Ignorance”. We neither want to know ourselves, our Lord or each other. We only want to feed our desires.

I want share a brilliant description of where our desires have taken us. This is from a song called “Urge to Kill” by British poet and rapper Akala:

“Terrorism is its own religion practiced by millions

Obviously not just Muslim but also Jewish and Christian

Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist

Since when has belief

Ever stopped human beings

From being bullies

They pretend one terror is worse terror

Even while they sponsor their terror it works better

Even while they bomb their countries and burn them up

Even while they colonize them with no letter

And we, what do we do? Pay tax to them”

He is saying that we are being driven to believe that killing is a normal and necessary function of “protecting” national interest. However,  on an individual level we are led to believe it is a crime only when acted out by individuals or certain religious groups.  When in fact all killing is unnecessary. All terror should not exist. Our acceptance of the concept of disassociation is a projection of a deeper desentization happening within our own chaotic hearts.

In Quran, it says if you take one soul it is as if you have killed all of humanity. Especially in high holy months like Ramadan, I widen the door to my spiritual self, my relationship with my Lord. Yes as a practicing Muslim, I pray five times a day all year long and read my holy book the Quran. Whatever your religion or belief system, you may practice but are you truly present? That presence of heart and mind is the connection to self. It is the threshold by which we see others. It is a system check to repair our hearts.

Can peace live where chaos lives? Check your heart. Do you truly see others as human? These are opportunities to build our character and strengthen our relationships not to hate, blame, or  justify “protecting national” interest. A rattling back to connect with your spiritual source no matter your religion. With every hardship, the relief is double. A rattling back to the awaken of our purpose and gift on this earth. We are all connected. Our hearts all pump blood and we all breath oxygen. Do not disconnect yourself from yourself another day. Start by loving you as you are. Start by shedding the need to self-medicate with consuming excessive social media, replacing human connection with whatever your vice is be it food, alcohol, inactivity. Make a better choice in each moment.

Choose to be peace. Say, “I will let peace begin with me”.

Shed your chaos, join the calm. Having issues sorting out your triggers? I am having a retreat May 4 – 6, the Stress Free Retreat. Connect with ten women just like you. Reconnect with self, renew your love for yourself, your gift, your passions.



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