When Work Is Draining

I had a really rough day at work and now I’ve got to be the “happy” mom at home…where is the balance?

We’ve all been there and for me, I experienced that just last week. I had a very difficult and busy day; one where a leadership decision I made was not well received. Dealing with this throughout that afternoon was tough. It was such a weird series of events that the tears started rolling down (don’t worry, the person doesn’t know that I cried). Needless to say, the work had to go on. I finished up my work day, but was really drained by the end. My mind raced the entire drive home and I struggled with making sure the kids didn’t see how overwhelmed I was. So, what was my go to…I rehashed it all with my husband, he gave advice, then I sucked it up because I have two little boys that simply want me to be mom!

I’m sure many of you can relate to the scenario I just explained. Your circumstances may be somewhat different, but we’ve all had bad work days and have to go home and be “normal”…be mom. It’s very important for moms to remember that although it’s ok for our children to know and understand that adults have difficult and stressful days at work, we must teach/show them how to balance it all too.

It’s OK to say, give me a second “big boy/sweet girl” and let mom get it together. While you’re “getting it together,” take a small time-out to release those bad work vibes. After all, it wasn’t your home life that set you back. Talk to your kids about your day (maybe not the details) and help them understand that sometimes in school or sports it will be that way for them too, but we should all maybe talk about it then let it go when we are home with the ones we love!

So chics, when you say to someone after a difficult day, “oh you really want me to be jovial after the day I’ve had…” that answer is simply YES! Especially when it comes to your children. We only have one life to live and living that BEST life with your children should be one of your top priorities!!

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