No one tells you that sometimes being a mom can be get lonely. It is challenging to be surrounded by your kids most of your day and feeling like “just a mom.” Or feeling like nobody really gets what you are going through trying balance it all. Searching out support groups for moms can be just what you need. There are so many options available both in person and virtually.

You may be scrunching your nose up at the thought of joining a support group. But the truth is becoming a mom can alienate you from your non-mom friends. And trying to sync schedules with another mom can become a logistical nightmare. Sometimes you crave adult conversation with someone that lives outside of your home. Getting involved with groups of other moms that just get it can be just what a lonely mom needs. There are several options for support groups for moms that can provide additional support and possible friendships. Here are a few support groups for moms you could join…


  1. Neighborhood Groups. Many local neighborhoods have mom groups that meet up at parks, libraries and community events. It’s a great way to get to know moms that are living in your community and maybe finding friends for you and your kiddos. You can usually find them on Facebook or with a quick google search. Baby Center has an expansive list of local mom groups.
  2. Stroller Strides. Have you ever driven by a park and seen a gang of moms working out right along their stroller? That’s most likely a Stroller Strides group. This nation wide organization provides 60 minute workouts for mommas that need to bring their kid along. And it’s the ultimate win for mommas that are looking for a supportive environment to get back in shape along with other mommas that won’t give them side-eye when their toddler throws a tantrum.
  3. La Leche League. Breastfeeding mommas this is the support group for you. Breastfeeding your little one can be a very challenging process and you could use all the support your can get. La Leche League meetings are free to attend and have trained leaders to support you. Being surrounded by other breastfeeding moms and getting support to work through all the hiccups of breastfeeding can be just what you need to achieve your breastfeeding goals.
  4. Mocha Moms. Mocha Moms is a national organization that supports mothers of color and is open to anyone interested in joining. They have local chapters in most major cities and also host regional and national conferences.
  5. Want to find a group of French speaking moms in your area. Maybe you are looking for a Mom book club you can join. is the place for you to find moms with common interests.
  6. Parenting Groups. With a quick google search you will have pages and pages of online parenting groups. Parenting organizations, Family Counseling groups and local hospitals offer online and in person parenting groups. You can get support with anything from having postpartum depression, to having a kid with special needs, to every day parenting issues and everything in between.

Joining support groups is yet another way to expand your village. With so many options both virtually and in person it may be exactly the thing you need to do for yourself. Have you joined a support group for moms that was helpful for you?

Elisha Beach is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and four step-kids…Yes, you read that right—eight kids. She is a wife, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper, selfcare advocate and founder of The Mom Forum. 

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