Three Cook Book Favorites

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You can learn a lot about cooking from the right cookbook and these three choices have a lot to teach. Each of these includes great recipes, plenty of tips and pictures galore.

This book has recipes that show you how to make just about everything from scratch. From cheese to poptarts to lasagne, Alana manages to walk you through each recipe like she is standing right next to you in your kitchen. She even has side notes on recipes for those "tense moments" when you are sure your cooking has gone awry. Check out her blog Eating From the Ground Up.

This book is chock full of deliciously simple recipes. But what I love most about this book is that it actually taught me about food and how to figure things out for myself and not be dependent on a cookbook. Honestly, this booked changed the way I approach cooking. Check out their website to learn more about these sisters.

I do not practice a paleo diet but Michelle Tam's food is just flat out delicious. Her cookbook is filled with mouthwatering photos that make you want to try everything. Not to mention, her writing is funny, relatable and practical. You can test some of her recipes on her blog Nom Nom Paleo but I guarantee you this cookbook is worth the investment. 

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