Did you know that Target Haze is a thing? Think about it…Do you ever walk into Target and then the next thing you know you are at the register and the cashier just told you some astronomical amount and you realize you have a basket of stuff that you absolutely don’t need? See… “Target Haze” is a thing.

I will admit that I go to Target for a mini vacation. Sounds sad but that is the truth for many moms. And when I am there I do intend on browsing down the aisles to see if anything catches my eye. But I can walk into Target of sound mind and body and then suddenly it all goes hazy and random things end up in my basket that I have no explanation for.

Am I the only one this happens too?

I  can start with all the good intentions and then the next thing I know the cardigans hanging along the edge on the aisle will catch my eye. And in no time, I am deep in the women’s section putting hangers of sundresses around my neck in front of a mirror.

If I am lucky I can make it out the clothing department with only one article of clothing. But then the book aisles on the way to groceries has an uncontrollable magnetic energy over me. I mean… everyone has their weakness, right?

I know I am not alone in with this. I can just walk down the aisles and see other women in the same blissful trance I am in. I swear they pump something into the air because I usually forget whatever it is I actually came to Target for and buy things I never needed in the first place. I will get home with bags full of wonderful finds and then realize that I never got the one dang thing I went to Target for in the first place. #Momlife Does this happen to you in Target?

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