4 Gadgets Every Busy Mom Needs

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Being a mom is a nonstop whirlwind from the moment you wake up to the moment your brain finally shuts off and you manage to drift off to sleep. There are so many thoughts, lists, reminders and tasks going through our brains all day, every day. We moms can use all the help we can get and anything that can help is a Godsend. So here is a list of gadgets that can actually help take a few things off your mind.

Instapot. If you haven’t heard your other mom friends raving about the Instapot you must have been living under a rock for the past year. We all want to get nutritious dinners on the table that our families will actually eat and between afterschool activities, homework and all the craziness the day can bring, dinner can be a near impossible feat. But we promise this magic machine lives up to all its hype.  Use the slow cook option and come home to a dinner already for you or throw in some frozen chicken (yes…don’t worry if you forget to defrost dinner) with spaghetti sauce and veggies and pressure cook for 15 minutes. Did we mention that leaves you with just one pot to clean???


Portable Charging Pack. How many times have you crashed for the night forgetting to charge your phone. Or maybe you have been running around all day from activity to activity and your phone is sure to die before you can get another 10 minute charge in the car? This portable charge is a sanity saver that can easily be slipped into your bag and will keep that all important cell phone from dying on you when you need it most.


Kinsa Smart Thermometer. Having a sick kid is the worst. You feel awful for your kid and then you are trying to juggle all your regular duties while trying to do everything to make them feel better. Tracking their fever and symptoms is something your brain just can not retain. But the Kinda Smart Thermometer can do that for you. So when you get your kid to the pediatrician and they ask you what their fever has been and all their symptoms, you don’t have to return a blank overwhelmed stare. Just pull out your phone because the Kinsa has recorded all of that information for you.


Tile Tracker. How many times have you lost your keys somewhere in your house or accidentally put your cell phone in your sock drawer? How many times have you been rushing out the door only to not be able to find your wallet? Trust us you are nor alone and that is why we love Tile. You can place it on any object that you often misplace or your toddler likes to hide from you and with a simple touch of a button…You find it. Sanity saver!


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