Selfcare is about that you are consistently doing something that fills you in some way and contributes to your mental, physical, spiritual, social or emotional wellbeing. So here is a list of ways to give yourself cost free every day selfcare…

Cost Free Every Day Selfcare

Cost free, every day selfcare almost seems like an oxymoron. “Selfcare” has become a fancy instagrammable catch phrase for what seems to be all things fancy like manicures, massages, facials and trips away. But for many of us whether we have financial restrictions or are short on time, these things just don’t seem doable. So we skip selfcare and brush it off as something only the fortunate or childless have time for. But that is far from the truth because the most important thing about selfcare is that you are consistently doing something that fills you in some way and contributes to your mental, physical, spiritual, social or emotional wellbeing. Every day selfcare doesn’t have to be fancy, time consuming or expensive. Here is a list of ways to give yourself cost free every day selfcare…

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  1. Self-massage. A lot of mommas carry tension in their muscles and suffer from tight muscles all over. A full body professional massage is often not an option and there is not always some one around willing to give you a quick back or foot rub. A good self-massage can help mitigate some of that muscle tension and relieve a little stress.
  2. Open the windows for some fresh air. Being stuck indoors for long periods of time can a bit of downer. Opening the windows to allow a little fresh air in can do wonders for your spirit. It can break up some of the stale air and give you a moment to take some deep breaths.
  3. Take 10 deep breaths. Taking the time to intentionally breath is a form of meditation and gives you a moment to practices some mindfulness. Focusing you on your breath tunes you into your body for a few minutes and getting oxygen to your body is a very good way to destress.
  4. Sit outside for 10 minutes. Some fresh air and sunshine does a body good and can help reset your mood. Not to mention you get a quick dose of Vitamin D which helps with the immune and nervous system.
  5. Take a walk. Physical activity is good for the body. It forces to you to make a change in scenery and gets your heart rate up a little. It gives you a moment to think and release some built up tension.
  6. Drink water. Many of us do not drink enough water. But drinking enough water on a daily basis can reduce headaches, reduce cravings, improve your skin and so, so much more. It is one of the simplest things you can do for yourself that has a huge impact on your overall health.
  7. Take a hot shower. If you are momma, then you probably already know that an uninterrupted hot shower can feel like a day at the spa. The warmth from the water combined with having your own space and little bit of quiet is probably exactly what you need. You will feel like a new woman after just a short hot shower.
  8. Listen to relaxing music. Music is good for the soul. I think almost everyone has a song that can change their mood by just pressing play. Music has a way getting right to the heart of the matter whether you need to get hyped up or you need you wind down form the day.
  9. Call a good friend. There is nothing like a call with a good friend that just gets you. Whether that person is you best friend from high school, your sister, your mom, your dad or the your college roommate, give them a call. Sometimes you just need to catch up and other times you need to rant about your day. Either way, connecting with someone that is willing to take the time to share a conversation or just listen is a godsend.
  10. Declutter for 15 minutes. Many of us have spots of clutter spread all over our house…the place you throw all the mail, the area your clean laundry accumulates in, the bathroom counter. And that clutter can be stress inducing even when you aren’t the super clean and organized type. Decluttering a messy area helps to clear your mind and relieve a little stress. It also helps your to feel a little bit accomplished because you got at least one things done.
  11. Stretch. If most of your day is spent sitting, this one is especially important. So many of us spend our day sitting at desk, sitting in a car and rarely get the chance to move your body. Then you wonder why you hips and back are always so stiff. Taking the time to stretch each day is a great way to combat stiffness in your body. You do it after you shower, during your lunch break or right before you go to be.
  12. Journal your thoughts. Journaling just 5 minutes a day can be a great cost free everyday selfcare practice. Writing something down can often help give you a different perspective. Writing down goals can make them seem more plausible. Writing down what you are thankful for can make you feel more grateful. Wiring down what made you angry can help you understand someone else’s point of view.
  13. Drink your favorite warm beverage. There is something about sipping a warm cup of coffee or tea. It seems to be soul soothing. It makes you pause and take a moment to enjoy the warmth traveling through your body. Use it to start you day, as an afternoon break or to wind down for bedtime.
  14. Read. Reading is great opportunity to check out and relax. You can learn something new, read a great story or just fantasize about another place. Get library books, take advantage of promos from reading apps like audible, or read one of the many books you have at home that you have yet to get to.
  15. Go to bed early. There is no better cost free everyday selfcare practice than sleeping. This may not be easy for mommas but maybe you can manage just one day a week where you go to bed early. We could all use some time to catch up on sleep and finding a way to prioritize that is great way to practice selfcare.
  16. Hug a loved one. The truth is people need human contact. A good hug from a loved one can help melt the tension of the day from your body. So hug your little ones after a long day, hug your spouse or partner when your kids are driving you nuts or get a needed hug for your mom or dad when you just need to feel like everything will be ok.
  17. Meditate. Meditating seems really intimidating but it is a very simple practice. And no it doesn’t mean that you will be able to sit for hours (or even minutes for that matter) with a calm clear mind. It’s not that at all. Think of it as a way of practicing checking in. As a mom, your mind wanders all the time…the emails you need to send, the laundry that needs to get done, the school papers you need to sign, the grocery list, on and on… Meditation just helps you practice becoming aware of the chaos in your mind, treating it gracefully and returning to the current moment.
  18. Exercise. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or trainer to get in some exercise. Youtube has millions of fitness videos from yoga to HIIT and most streaming tvs have free fitness apps available. And you can always fall back on the good ole’ outdoors and get in a hike, a bike ride or run just name a few.
  19. Alone time. You may be laughing to yourself because you don’t believe it’s possible. I get it. But just a few minutes of alone time at the right time of the day can do you wonders. Trying sitting in your car before you go into work or walk into the house. Communicate with your partner and let them know you need downtime and setup a time that works for everyone. Or you can plan to get up earlier to take advantage of the quiet house.
  20. Turn your cell phone off for 1 hour. This may take a little practice but putting down your device and checking in with yourself or your family is time well spent. It is really easy to constantly find a distraction on our cell phones with all the emails, social media and apps. But taking the time to give focused attention seems like a lost art these days. I am sure both you and your family will greatly appreciate this quality time.

What are some cost free every day selfcare practices ways that you participate in?

Selfcare is about doing something consistently that fills you in some way and contributes to your mental, physical, spiritual, social or emotional wellbeing. So here is a list of ways to give yourself cost free every day selfcare…

Elisha Beach is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and four step-kids…Yes, you read that right—eight kids. She is a wife, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and founder of The Mom Forum. This blog is part of the Prioritize Me blog series documenting Elisha’s journey in selfcare and putting herself first.

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