Selfcare is…Caring For Your Whole Self

Are you caring for your whole self? Selfcare is…Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual. When we practice selfcare, we have to ensure that we are caring for our whole self. I am constantly checking in with my Mom Selfcare Planner to ensure that I am addressing all of these selfcare areas on a regular basis.

The Mom Selfcare Planner is designed to walk you through creating a plan for daily practice of selfcare that will support your mental, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional health.

Elisha Beach is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and four step-kids…Yes, you read that right—eight kids. She is a wife, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and founder of The Mom Forum. 

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  1. Mother has been struggling for years, let me have the opportunity to take care of my mother, listen to stories my mother has not had time to tell. Mom is the superhero and idol of my life