Breakfast Of Mom Champions

What is in my bowl and why did it make me so full?  

It started like this. The day before I decided on buying red bananas since all of the yellow bananas were green, besides the fact that they often have a chemical taste. I remembered the sweetness of the ones I ate in Bangladesh. They were starting to turn, only a few brown spots, so I thought why not have one with breakfast. My little son, he is nine, loves avocado in the morning which we usually split. From watching a periscope on Friday, I got the idea to use cilantro on my avocado. We always top it with curry powder, black pepper and Himalayan salt. We sat down to chat. While I listened intently to his dreams, I ate it all and drank a cup of water. When I got up to start making the egg, toast and my espresso, I realized that I was full. I continued to make my espresso with coconut oil but only half a teaspoon. It was work to get through those two ounces of espresso. Once I did, I felt invincible…who knew? So I did a bit of research…

Red bananas.  Did you know that botanically bananas are classified as berries? High in beta carotene, B6 and vitamin C 15%dv as well as meeting the total at 400 mg DV of potassium. 16% dietary fiber and 20% DV of vitamin D supports the metabolism of proteins and red blood cells red bananas are packed. The regular yellow banana is high in many vitamins and minerals but the red banana more than doubles the nutritional value especially in the area of fiber, beta carotene and the presence of B6. Potassium, in the body, helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. It also helps in the retention of calcium, thus improving your bone health. Bananas in general are a great source of potassium, and red bananas are especially rich in this mineral.

Avocado has 15 grams of good fats, vitamins K, B5, B6, C, E and folate. 27% daily value of dietary fiber, more potassium than bananas, and helps to absorbs fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K and carotenoids (all found in red bananas.)

Cilantro is rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids, Vitamins A, C, K , calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium and fill 16% of dietary fiber. It is also great for fighting cancer and salmonella in food and urinary tract infections. It lowers stress, blood sugar and reduces heavy metals in the body. Because of its iron content, it support menstrual functions. Try this on your meat and vegetable dishes alike.

The spices. What is the purpose of spice? Yes, it enhances to flavor but also bring out the qualities of food. 

Turmeric and Black pepper are the perfect companions to absorb the medicinal value of the curcumin in turmeric. It boost brain function and is anti-inflammatory. Like the other foods in my bowl these spices also reduce depression, cholesterol, arthritis and cancer.

Himalayan Salt has at least 84 minerals and vitamins necessary for our bodies. It regulates water content throughout the body, promotes a healthy pH in brain cells, promotes bone health and absorption of vitamins and minerals in the intestines. So along with making great food choices, my spices helped my body to absorb all of the nutrition. 

We are often led to believe that we need supplements for this but the proper combination of spices can do that. Something to think about.

Espresso – I wrote an article last summer about coffee. Since then I have received a full report of the 36 benefits and side effects of coffee. Since one 2 ounce shot of espresso is all  the coffee I ever drink, it is a benefit for me.

So now you know why I was full for hours and felt energetic. This was the true breakfast of champions. Want to know more about wholesome healthy combinations to keep you energized, positive and wanting to move more? Join the Stress Free Sisterhood, a safe haven for moms who seek more from themselves, their inner circle and their life.

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