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7 Reasons to Wake Up Before Your Kids

Everyone knows the joke about not knowing what tired really is until having kids. It so true because those little stinkers will suck the life out of you. So many of you are probably reading the title of this blog thinking this lady has lost her ever loving mind because you need every minute of sleep you can possibly get but hear me out… There are definitely at least 7 reasons to wake up before your kids.

  1. Silence. You have probably forgotten what is sounds like because your kids don’t know any other volume but loud and life is loud and someone always needs to talk to you about some thing. But silence truly is golden and having even just a few moments of silence with your own thoughts is something every parent should start their day with.
  2. Exercise. Once the kids are up and the chaos of the day begins it is really hard to manage to get a workout in for yourself. And I get it but exercise is essential to not only physical health but also mental health. Yea, I know, blah…blah…blah. You have heard it all and you just don’t have time. All the more reason to do it before the kids get up. No one is saying you have to T90 yourself to death. Just do something to get your body moving…a walk, a little yoga or maybe you would rather have Sean try to kill you before the sun comes up.
  3. Hot Coffee. I don’t know about you but finishing a hot cup of coffee while trying to juggle my kids never happens. I usually stumble upon my cold cup of coffee in the microwave somewhere around lunch time. Being able to actually enjoy a full cup of hot coffee before anyone yells “Mom” truly makes my soul smile.
  4. Time To Plan. I suffer from a very serious case of Mom Brain. Yep…It’s a thing. So being able to remember doctor appointments, meetings, deadlines is no easy task for me. Believe me I have a desk calendar, my cell and a planner and I still forget. Taking the time to look through my schedule for the day before I am being pulled in 10 different directions has a made a world of difference in my life.
  5. Uninterrupted Hot Showers. I didn’t understand the true power of a hot shower prior to having kids. Since becoming a mom I now know an uninterrupted hot shower can feel like the equivalent of a full day at the spa. I know it not but a full day at the spa just isn’t in the cards right now so standing in a stream of hot water without worrying what my kids may be up to is basically heaven on earth.
  6. Calm. When I do even just one of these things before getting my kids up I am 10 times calmer once I start dragging the kids out of bed to start their day. Their refusal to cooperate with the morning routine doesn’t automatically send steam flying out of my ears. I can manage to coax and cajole them and remain relative calm and everyone has a much better morning.
  7. Less Rushing. If I have prepared myself for the day before getting my kids up, I can focus on them and what they need to get their butts in gear. I am not trying to shower while negotiating outfit choices with my 4 year old. I can referee pointless arguments, find the kid sleeping in the closet and argue with my boys why they should change their underwear (insert deep breaths and eye rolls). Then I can often manage to make it out of the house right in the knick of time without screaming my head off and everyone has a much better start to their day.

P.S. Weekends don’t count.

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