6 Thoughts That Will Make You Stress Less

The greatest weapons against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James

We don’t have to give into stress. It is a mind shift battle and the weapon is our thoughts. Are your thoughts causing you more stress or less? Is it the situation or your choice in the moment that is more stressful? What are your top six go to thoughts in adversity? How do you set your intentions for each day? 

  1. My priority today is to make me thrive. If you just exist, that is not living. Choose to thrive. The definition of thrive is prosper and flourish. In order to do that we must start our day with the proper nutrition, like a breakfast with good fats, carbohydrates, and protein as well as some sort of movement.
  2. I will be forgiving with myself. Mistakes are the spice of life. In fact they have made whole shows about bloopers. That is real time quality entertainment if you allow it to be. Use your mistakes as comic relief and lessons learned. Being merciful with yourself will also help you to be more compassionate with others.
  3. I will be flexible. Life is action-packed and full of curve balls. Sometimes you have to duck, dodge or stretch to catch them. Don’t pick a spot and stay in it. Keep moving.
  4. I am worth it! Time is a disappearing commodity spend it wisely. If you have two minutes, use it to think positively. What do you have achieved today? How can I reward myself? Take a brisk walk, deep meditative breath or invest in life changing book.
  5. I will make it happen. Don’t wait for opportunities to find you go after what you want.
  6. I will smile. The best cure for a bad day is a smile. Try it. If you smile, notice how many people smile back. Not only that, notice the change in how you feel.

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