Are you organized and ready for the school year? Here are 6 back to school items every mom should have to help you survive at least until the Holiday break.

6 Back to School Items Every Mom Should Have

It’s official…Everyone is back in school! And you most likely have already been to the store at least twice to buy school supplies for your kiddos so you can be sure they have everything they need to start the year out right. But the question is are you organized and ready for the school year? The school year schedule, afternoon activities, and homework call for some very different parenting strategies than the more laid back summer days. So here are 6 back to school items every mom should have to help you survive at least until the Holiday break.

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Coffee Machine. If you are a coffee drinking momma, you deserve a coffee machine with all the bells and whistles. The Ninja Coffee Bar is a programmable coffee machine that can make 6 different size servings of coffee. You can have your thermos for the on the-go school mornings and a pot for the weekends.

Instapot. Getting a good home cooked meal on the table for family dinner on weeknights can seem like an impossible task. Once you are finally home from the long day there is is little to no time between homework, baths and bedtime. So an Instapot is a must. I promise you can put a full meal in the pot, set it and have a healthy delicious meal in under 30 mins.

Wall Calendar.  The school year brings about a never ending list of dates and to-dos to keep track of. With Mom Brain being a problem many of us suffer from, you are bound to forget something. So a good ‘ole old school calendar somewhere in your house to keep track of everything can be a life saver. And this Wall Pops Calendar comes is lots of cute designs. So even if no one else looks at it at least it can help keep you on top of things.


Desk Organizer. Being back to school comes with a crap load of paperwork…school announcements, medical forms, permission slips and a ton of other stuff to sign. In the rush of every day life papers get lost and there is never a pen around when you need it. A desk organizer can help keep everything organized in one place. And it doesn’t have to be a desk top…it can be a corner on your kitchen counter or somewhere near your front door. Give each kid their own folder, stock it with pens, scissors and whatever else you need and you are good to go.

Echo Dot Kids Edition With Alexa. You may be asking yourself how exactly an Echo Dot  will help you. Well, this echo comes equip with parental controls that does things like automatically filters explicit songs,  1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and access to over 300 audible books. Your children will be so obsessed with this they will actually give you a minute to yourself and you won’t have to worry what they are up to.

Back to School Clothes. You most likely got new clothes for your kids more because the little stinkers seem to sprout overnight and suddenly nothing fits them. But you deserve to freshen up your wardrobe too. There is nothing like a few new pieces of clothing to put a little pep back in your step. And with Stitch Fix you can do it without even leaving your house. Take a quick quiz to let them know your style and then a box of goodies will land at your doorstep. Keep what you want and send the rest back. It’s the best shopping for yourself you will ever do.

Are you organized and ready for the school year? Here are 6 back to school items every mom should have to help you survive at least until the Holiday break.

Elisha Beach is a stay-at-home mom to four kids and four step-kids…Yes, you read that right—eight kids. She is a wife, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and founder of The Mom Forum. 

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