5 Favorite Mom Forum Podcast Episodes

Have you listened to The Mom Forum Podcast yet? The podcast tells the stories of women’s journeys to and through motherhood and shows the diversity of mothers while still sharing the common experiences that come with motherhood. These are some of our favorite episodes.

  1. Owning Your Version Of Motherhood with Angel Laketa Moore. Angel Laketa Moore is a married mom of 3 kids which includes a set of twins. She is a talented actress and hilarious comedian and she candidly shares about motherhood on her Youtube Channel That Chick Angel TV. Her hilarious vlogs Mommy Confessions, Monday Motivation and Petty Prayers are all must sees. Angel shares how balance doesn’t always look pretty but that doesn’t stop her from owning her version of motherhood seeing herself as the “Boss Mom” that she is. Angel Laketa Moore of That Chick Angel TV

  2. Having Babies and Pursuing Dreams with Codie Elaine Oliver. Codie Elaine Oliver is a married mom of a 2 year old with twin boys on the way. She and her husband Tommy are the creators of the docuseries Black Love on Own TV. They also launched sharing content about all things love and marriage from Tantric Perspective to All Things Money to Moms With Coffee. Codie shares the reality of having babies and pursuing her dreams.

  3. Keeping The Bigger Picture In Mind with Summer Bellessa. Summer Bellessa is a married mom of 3 kids. She is a creative that has done everything from modeling and acting to starting her own magazine. You can find her incorporating her love for all things creative and motherhood on her website and youtube channel Girls With Glasses ( which is just one of the many projects she has her hands in. And in her attempt to “balance” it all, she and her husband work together to always keep the bigger picture in mind in their marriage and in raising their kids.

  4. Balancing Marriage, Parenting and Work with Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny. Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny are married moms of 1 adopted daughter. They are the founders of the amazing organization Spotlight Girls, a multi-media platform and summer camp that educates, inspires, and activates girls and women to take center stage. They openly share how they manage working together and parenting together while keeping their marriage a priority.

  5. Asking for Help and Relinquishing Control With Claudine Cooper. Claudine Cooper is a wife and busy mom of 3 kids. She is a passionate fitness trainer and a master at giving no nonsense advice with just the right amount of love. She shares her struggles as a mom with asking for help and relinquishing control. You can follow her on Instagram @fitwit3 for some fitness tips and no nonsense advice or better yet buy her book 25 To Life for a look at her personal journey and 25 mental exercises to reshape your mind, body and spirit.

What’s your favorite Mom Forum Podcast episode?

If you enjoyed these podcast episodes, be sure to listen to other episodes here. You can also listen to The Mom Forum Podcast on Apple Podcast, Deezer, Google Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher.

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